'Wherever you go, go with all your heart'

- Confucius

I beleive in acupuncture and used it for many health issues in the past. When I moved to Northern Virginia last year, I knew I needed to find a knowledgeable acupuncturist. Sang has a real call for what he does. You'll feel a tremendous stress relief after his sessions - a combination of acupuncture and herbs made a big difference for me. He uses a gentle method - even my Mom tried it!
Oksana H.

I have been a patient of Sang Kim over the course of several months and I appreciate his tremendous generosity, focus and caring nature.
Sang is a healer not only of great depth and skill, but also someone who is in the practice of medicine for the right reasons, to truly be of service. I have found his treatment extremely helpful in advancing long-standing issues that other practitioners were not able to solve. I recommend him highly.
Owen L.

Sang is a very approachable person who can connect with you at a deeper level. While being very patient, he is quick to respond with a diagnosis and offering remedies. He has a profound knowledge in alternative medicine - his rich cultural background allows him to truly understand and communicate the various healing methods he offers. If you are looking for an outstanding acupuncturist and herbal medicine expert who is genuinely interested in finding the best remedy for his clients, then Sang is the right person for you.
Mehmet E.